Pam Hovel is an innovative textile artist living in on a rural property in Central Victoria, Australia. Her light filled, mudbrick studio on her property is surrounded by bushland and wildlife.

Creating has been an integral part of Pam's life. Together with her husband, she built their mudbrick home, many years before sustainability and recycled were buzz words. The home was built largely from reclaimed materials and is surrounded by a large garden, a passion prior to textiles.

Pam was introduced to the ancient craft of felt making in 2004 and has continued to develop new techniques ever since.
Her love of the natural world and her surrounding inspires her and has a major influence on her work creating wearables, wall art, 3D vessels, pods and sculpture.

Only eco-friendly principles and natural, renewable materials are used in her art practice. All dyes are derived from plants, mostly from surrounding bushland and her garden which hosts many dye plants.

Pam embraces the move to ecologically sound, slow and handmade textiles which offers her new and exciting challenges.

She has been teaching feltmaking since 2014. She exhibits widely and has won awards for her work.

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